K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 11/16/19

23 wonderful music videos for everyone to enjoy this week. We have a bunch of comebacks this week from MFBTY, MAMAMOO, Rainbow, NATURE, Eric Nam, Paloalto, and more. Lesser known artists to check out are Bryn, Bambee, Lulileela, and DARU.

Full Playlist


MFBTY “Dream Catcher”




Pink Fantasy “소꿉장난”


punchnello Feat. Yerin Baek “doodle”


Rose Finger “Ro-fing shot”


HYNN “Bad Love”


Bambee “Urban Radius”




Seven O’Clock “Midnight Sun”


DARU w/ Aiden “Macaron”


Stray Kids “Astronaut”


IN2IT “ULlala: Poisoning”


Bomin “You & I”


Rainbow “Aurora”


Eric Nam Feat. Marc E. Bassy “Congratulations”


Samuel Seo “Off You”


Paloalto “Grind”


Luri Feat. Bryn “Blah Blah”


WooSung Feat. PENIEL “Beautiful Girl”


South Club “twice”


Lulileela “Fantasy”


Bryn “Lilly”


CHANGJO Feat. V-Hawk “Never Anything”