G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Songs of 2005

K-Pop singer Boa is pressing a finger to her lips

Well this was an interesting playlist to put together. While compiling the songs I realized 2005 finally hit the right note for the ballads I loved so much. There are so many good ones from this specific year, I had to go back to doing a Top 100 instead of a Top 50. I spent about 2 months putting this one together and I love it, but it was not without struggle. Today as I was getting ready to finally post the list, 14 songs were deleted in the past week or so. I scrounged to get them back, but sadly could only find 12 of the 14. This did thankfully lead me down a brief rabbit whole of some 2005 songs I missed during my initial searching, and I was able to add 3 more songs to make the list even better. I think 2005 is my favorite classic year of K-Pop I’ve done to date, and I’m looking forward to 2004 and earlier even more now!

As usual I want to give a heads up as always, Spotify does not have all tracks, so please check out the YouTube playlist first to see all the music. Also some videos are pulled from unofficial channels, or later stage performances, to ensure I could make the list the best it can be.


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