I, G-Nitro, am an avid music lover with a deep love for all things K-Pop, and also a lover over craft beer, books, games, and anime/manga. As I am going through a medical issue with one of my eyes, I decided to revamp my website to only one of my passions in life. Trying to manage all of them and write about them has been very difficult and at times stressful when I realize I am not producing the content I want. So this website is now focused on my passion for music, and will mostly revolve around K-Pop, but will occasionally touch upon other genres as well. I listen to music from start to finish almost every day, whether its driving, at work, relaxing at home, or even while I sleep. So the transition just made sense, and anyone following me knows that my site has mostly been about K-Pop already.

Find me:

  • Discord – Easiest way to interact with me online. Please message me on any platform for an invite!
  • Mastodon/Fediverse – My new Twitter-like social media space. Follow me there!
  • Instagram – Mostly post stories, with a few posts from time to time.
  • Bandcamp – Mostly just to see what each other enjoys in music
  • Discogs – Music collection, and you can find my seller store
  • Youtube – Check out all my playlists
  • Spotify – Just like Bandcamp, we can see what each other is listening to.
  • Untappd – Drink beer, let’s see what each of us is drinking!
  • StoryGraph – Let’s connect over books!
  • Trakt – Keeping track of movies and TV. Need friends her lol
  • XBox: GNitro MWS
  • PSN: G-Nitro
  • Switch: SW-5508-4698-0001
  • SMITE: GNitro
  • Steam: G-Nitro