G-Nitro’s Best of 2023 Playlist

Zeph is standing in front of a couch with people in the background

Below is my 2023 Best Of playlist. This playlist compiles many of the songs not featured on my K-Pop or J-Pop playlists that I enjoyed this year. Unfortunately I had a huge gap in music listening on Spotify this year, so the playlist is not as fleshed out as I would have liked. Hopefully in 2024 I can put out a more finished list that includes more, if not all, of the music I enjoyed. Either way, I hope you enjoy the music and have a great 2024


You can check out other past and present music related playlists by going to the Music category in the menu. I will be working on a specific page for all the music playlists to be easily found in the future, but for now I hope you don’t mind utilizing this method instead.