G-Nitro’s Favorite Albums of 2023

Arlo Parks sits in the back of a convertible. In the background is a city at night

Alright everyone, it is time to showcase my favorite albums of 2023 in what might be my largest list yet. The albums chosen are a mix of artists I’ve loved for decades to artists I was introduced to this year, not to mention the various genres and languages all of the music below spans. A lot of the artists I discovered this year were from Bandcamp, someone posting about it on the Fediverse, or NPR’s Tiny Desk. While Tiny Desk has been around for awhile, I didn’t dig in to it until this year and I’ve been hooked since. Anyway I hope you have your ears ready to enjoy some great music from 2023, and I hope you not only get to see what I enjoyed listening to, but I hope you can find new music to enjoy as well.

As well as using Spotify embeds, I have decided to also include Songwhip links to provide multiple avenues for people to listen to or buy the albums. Please click the album names to visit the Songwhip page.

Gorillaz “Cracker Island”

Brayan Rojitas “Horizon”

Yoko Kuzuya “TOKYO TOWER”

Fury Weekend “Afterglow”

CODE KUNST “Remember Archive”

reina “You Were Wrong”

Yung Bae “Groove Continental: Side B”

IVE “I’ve IVE”

Kassa Overall “ANIMALS”

Ani Cordero “Anamores”


Bunny X “Love Minus 80”

yeule “softscars”

Yota “Room 412”

Hot Singles “Butter”

W O L F C L U B “Desert Hearts”

moistbreezy “Pure Imagination”

Max Cruise “Heatwave”

Stray Kids “5-Star”

Olivia Rodrigo “GUTS”

HANABIE. “Reborn Superstar!”

Anne-Marie “UNHEALTHY”

The Motion Epic “Saturday Night Motel Music”


Magnolia Park “Halloween Mixtape II”

Midnight High “Swimming Lessons”

Zeph “character development”

Junk Fujiyama “DREAMIN'”

Red Velvet “Chill Kill”

Arlo Parks “My Soft Machine”

Laufey “Bewitched”

Minhwi Lee “Hometown to Come”

Ana Frango Elétrico “Me Chama De Gato Que Eu Sou Sua”

Chilli Beans. “Welcome To my Castle”

Park Ji Yoon “breathe breathe”

You can find past years Top albums via the Music category. Eventually I will have a playlist page which compiles Spotify playlists for easier access and consumption. Please be on the lookout for that in 2024.