2023 J-Pop – City Pop – Future Funk Playlist

Lana is laying on a countertop in the middle of a kitcher

I definitely spent a lot more time this year on this specific playlist compared to last year’s, even with having my Spotify subscription lapse for a handful of months. I hope everyone is ready to listen to a great collection of J-Pop, City Pop, and Future Funk. Don’t fear if a song is missing or not. While I can’t catch everything, I will add songs even after the year is over if I find something I missed going forward. There’s over 26 hours of music in this playlist, so it will get your through a few work days if needed.


Until I have a new page created to compile my playlists, you are free to check out the Music category above to find the J-Pop / City Pop / Future Funk playlists of the past couple years.