G-Nitro’s Top 50 K-Pop Songs of 2007

SNSD member Yuri stands in front of plants while smiling at the camera

It’s been about 5 months since I dropped my Top 50 of 2008, and its a new year and time to jump back in to revisiting past years in K-Pop. Up next I bring you the Top 50 K-Pop songs of 2007. I am getting more and more excited to get further back in years. the 2000s were my favorite decade for hip hop out of Korea, and this year really begins showcasing how good it was. The ballads were also at their peak during that decade and they also really are just beautiful all around with mini K-Dramas for music videos. Due to getting further back in the years, some videos are from non-official channels and some live performances are from more recent years, as I struggled to find even live performances from 2007.  I hope everyone enjoys checking out this amazing year in K-Pop while I start working on the 2006 playlist next.


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