K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 11/23/19

25 music videos this week with an amazing come back from IU. She brings us two songs of pure delight, with one ballad and one upbeat pop. We also have new music from WJSN, Golden Child, Jun Hyo Seong, Minah, Dynamic Duo, and more! Lesser known artists to check out are PUP, bobae, Okdal, and YUZION.

Full Playlist


IU “Bleuming”


IU “above the time”


ORLY “Crush on you”


DAYBREAK “kickkick”


MOMMY SON Feat. YooJin Park “별의노래”


Golden Child “WANNABE”


Jane Feat. Stella Jang “C’est La Vie”


Moon Song Hee “짱짱짱”


WJSN “As You Wish”


Yumdda, The Quiett, Simon Dominic, paloalto, Deepflow “Forever 84”


CIX “Numb”


PUP “Love Is All”


DINDIN Feat. LYn “Liar”


DINDIN Feat. Lee Wonseok “Fallin’ Down”


ASTRO “Blue Flame”


YUZION “Unstable”


bobae “Don’t treat me bad”


Jun Hyo Seong “STARLIGHT”


Kim Youngchul “Signal light”


Minah “Butterfly”




Dynamic Duo “Flash”


HAILEY “Luvstagram (loves. YuSeungWoo)”


Crush “With You”


Okdal “Beautiful as your are”