G-Nitro’s Intro to K-Pop

So you are interested in the world of K-Pop, but have no clue where to begin. You’ve probably seen my weekly and monthly K-Pop lists on social media, and wondering if those are good starting points. I believe those to be better for people already entrenched in the culture and music, as there’s a lot of lesser known artists, and more than just the pop genre. I have decided to put together this page specifically to help people learn what makes K-Pop wonderful without being overwhelmed. Below you will find my yearly playlists from 2014 to present via both YouTube and Spotify playlists. I have made the Youtube playlists as Step 1, because highly recommend watching the music videos first, as a lot of what makes K-Pop great are the visuals. It is the best way to experience K-Pop for the first time.  2019 and 2018 are the playlists I spent the most time constructing to bring you the best of each year. The other playlists should not be skipped either if you want to find great music, but I just like to emphasize those two the most.

Once you have consumed some of the best from the yearly Top 60 and Top 100 YouTube playlists, click the Spotify playlists and save them for when you want to listen to music on the go. Also don’t forget to to check the next step featuring a link to the category of “K-Pop You May Have Missed” on my site. This is there in case you want to check out some older K-Pop from when I first started getting in to the music. There are a few available now, with more always being worked on as you read this. Finally the last step is there with links to help you continue your journey through K-Pop. It’s not going to provide you with everything, but it is enough resources to keep you immersed in this amazing adventure through my favorite music.

Step 1: End of year Playlists (YouTube)

2022 Best of K-Pop

2021 Top 100 Best K-Pop MVs


2020 Top 100 Best K-Pop MVs:


2019 Top 100 Best K-Pop MVs


2018 Top 100 Best K-Pop MVs


2017 Top 100 Best K-Pop MVs


2016 Top 100 Best K-Pop MVs


2015 Top 100 Best K-Pop MVs


2014 Top 100 Best K-Pop MVs


2013 Top 100 Best K-Pop MVs

2012 Top 100 Best K-Pop MVs

Step 2: End of year Playlists (Spotify)

2022 Best Of K-Pop

2021 Top 100 K-Pop

2020 Top 100 K-Pop:

2019 Top 100 K-Pop

2018 Top 100 K-Pop

2017 Top 100 K-Pop

2016 Top 100 K-Pop

2015 Top 100 K-Pop

2014 Top 100 K-Pop

2013 Top 100 K-Pop

2012 Top 100 K-Pop

2012 – 2021 Top K-Pop Compilation Playlist (Contains all the songs available on Spotify from years 2012 to 2021 Top playlists except for 2016 and 2017 for now)

Step 3: Check out the old school K-Pop You May have Missed

Step 4: How to continue your journey in K-Pop