K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 11/10/18

48 new K-Pop MVs being headlined by the comebacks of TWICE, gugudan, B.A.P, and K.Will. We also have the League of Legends K/DA song featuring (G)IDLE. It’s crazy good and immediately made me go buy the skins in game. That Akali skin is the best by far. The lesser known artists to check out this week are H.U.B, Fromm, DooRi, The Singing Girls, and V-Hawk.

Full Playlist




gugudan “Not That Type”


SPECTRUM “What do I do”


justus “Like The First Time”


B.A.P Feat. Zelo “Annoying”


김성훈 “우리의 날”


DooRi “너 땜에”


HeyJin Feat. 쌍미 “지나갈거예요”


Samui “There Is Always More Than One”


A train to autumn “The Season You Were In”


Noel “How about you”


Fromm w/ Car, The Garden “Hold Me Like It’s Forever”


hi there “la la land”


Youngyoon “Sunrise”


Trio Brown “You and I”


Han-All “Go as it flow”


Han HeeJun “Starry Night”


K.Will “Those Days”


KEY w/ Soyou “Forever Yours”


Wikweek “너는 날 어떻게 생각해”


Mabean “Hide Away”


nuMori “Farewell”


nuMori “Cheer”


nuMori “Hide and Seek”


HAEUN “Shin Yong Jae”


South Club “I’m Crazy”


DreamNote “DREAM NOTE”


Truedy Feat. Avec Plaisir “Very Rare”


YoungJae, Jimin Park “I’m All Ears”


Noogoo “You Did”


Gunwoo’s broken hope “Friendship or Love”


M To M “Winter Sonata”


VEINS “Best Friend”


ZSUN Feat. BM “I’m On My Wave”


The Singing Girls “This Night”




FLAME “Never Mind”


Seo eun kyo “Autumn fever”


V-Hawk Feat. NIEL “ALICE”


Ele “Nice Boy”


24 Flakko “Do More”


Corduroy “Concentrate”


Ann One Feat. Junoflo “Ride”


Yoon Jong Shin X YUJU “벼락치기”


Jae Min Bang Feat. Chancellor “Me In”


Lafee “Love Fever”


Netherlands tulip farm “Yeontral-Park Sad Song”


K/DA Feat. Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira BUrns “POP/STARS”