K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 11/17/18

Feels like the tale of two eras for me this week. On one hand, we have great new music from more recent artists like Jennie of Blackpink, NANA, Sobae, Stray Kids and others. Then we have new music from Drunken Tiger, Jaurim, Chae Yeon, Fly To The Sky, Dynamic Duo and more that started out over a decade ago, if not two decades ago. I love that the new and old artists are producing quality content across the board, and this year has been amazing for it. There are 63 music videos this week, so I hope you’ve set some time aside to take in everything there is to hear. Lesser known artists to check out are Yeeun, Choi Yoonhwa. Jung Jinwoo, and AQUA.

Full Playlist


Jennie “SOLO”


Drunken Tiger “Mantra”


NANA “melancholy smoothie”


12DAL “텔레파시”


P.O “Comme des Garcons”


O.WHEN “Picture”


Kwak Dong Hyun “Just Say I Love You”


노래하는 코트 “Until the rain stops”


SOBAE “Elevate”


Huckleberryfinn “Who Is It”


Dynamic Duo Feat. OHHYUK “Hemi’s Room”


BTOB “Beautiful Pain”


D-CRUNCH “Stealer”


HYO & 3LAU “Punk Right Now”


Ragoon “Celebrate”


Konsole “GMT”


Yeeun “You You”


윈다 Feat. Isegye “Our Songs”


서문탁 “길 위에서”


Fly To The Sky “A Time Limit”


LEEBADA “Painting”


Mighty Mouth Feat. Cho Hyun Young “Laser Beam”


Chae Yeon “Bazzaya”


TANY “Closure-The Empty Frame”


Jay Kim “Happy Together”


Sungtae “Autumn Leaves”


E Z Hyoung “STOP”


IGNITO “Tipping Point”


Bang Hyo Jun “I want to cry”


박준희 “영화처럼 살고 싶어”


Modsdive “Four Wet Hands”


NELL “Let’s Part”


Stray Kids “Get Cool”


Ja Mezz Feat. SALU “Pink Is The New Black”


Choi Yoonhwa “Love is as deep as a Blue Sky”


Choi Yoonhwa “May”


HOTSHOT “I Hate You”


Jung Jinwoo “She’s Got Everything”


Jung Jinwoo “Color”


Kim Na Young “I Can’t Say That”


THE MAN BLK “Free Fall”


707 “End”


707 “Fade Away”


Jaurim “있지”


Ager “First Snow”


Kim Dong In “Shot of the day”


Choi Chang Soon “Each Other”


BEON “I Promise”


WOONIE “Feelin'”


Maywish “Hello”


TRITOPS “My Song Is”


Crush “Lay Your Head On Me”


Woo “CASH”


BYUL “Distance”


Kwak JinEon “Freely”


AQUA “Log In”


Sway D Feat. Reddy & ICE PUFF “URRRPANG!”


Kim Min Ki “We Get Married”


Airplaneboy Feat. Futuristic Swaver & Yammo “Sakae”


Avatar Darko Feat. H1GHR MUSIC “Everywhere We Go”


Shin Ji Hoo “Can I see you again?”


Under Nineteen – Performance Team “We are young”


Under Nineteen – Rap Team “Friends”