K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 11/03/18

43 new music videos this week that see the return of EXO, Eric Nam, Mad Clown, Soyou, and more. We also have the debut of IZ*ONE, of Produce48 fame, and their song is surprisingly really good. Lesser known artists to check out are LEES2UN, Siren in Peace, An Ji Yeon, and clothesoff.

Full Playlist


EXO “Tempo”


LEES2UN “Falling In Love”


LEES2UN “Diffuser”


ABRY Feat. 넋업샨 “Over & Gone”


Ha Hyun Woo “Home”


Hong Jae Mok “nothing story”


MAKTUB Feat. 이라온 “내게 넌”


LOANN “Scene”


IZ*ONE “La Vie En Rose”


Ji Whan Park “Still”


Kim Eun Kyou “A Common Song”


illa “Call My Name”


Paul Kim “Me After You”




EZEN “In The Rain”


The Secret Chord “leodo”


An Ji Yeon “One Night”


VagaVondz “Scene Stealer”


Eric Nam “Miss You”




BLACK6IX “Swamp of Despair”


JBJ95 “Home”


Yammo Feat. Verbal Jint “4 AM”


FIC “Empty Lot”


HEATH “What Are We Now?”


H M Moon “The Painter’s Honeymoon”


MOON Feat. Dok2 “Million”


Monday Kiz “The World That Is You”


kang hye yeon “great”


Samui “Today Of All Days”


clothesoff “GUAP”


clothesoff “Love Hate Life, Forever”


The Brothers “단풍,물들다”


Sam Kim “Sun and Moon”


Kiha & The Faces “That’s Just What You Think”


TST “Paradise”


Baek Ji Ye “Please Say Something”


byebyesea “The missing”


JUNE Feat. Cheeze “Autumn Leaves”


PIANO MAN “More Than Words”


Siren in Peace “Can’t 4Get U”


WOODZ “Meaningless”


Soyou & Mad Clown “When It Rains”