K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 10/27/18

51 Music Videos this week featuring the returns  of Flowsik, BoA, Golden Child, Stray Kids, Hoody, MONSTA X, and more! We also see RM release his solo video of his new mixtape, and the debut of new boy group ATEEZ. Lesser known artists to check out are Horim, Yeon Gwan Hyung, and Charari Danchu.

Full Playlist


Flowsik “BBUNG”


BoA “Woman”


Xeheun “VIBE ON”




cacophony “Breath”


SSaW & Friends “Thank You Song”


Wynn Feat. Donutman “SOMEDAY”


Notice Note “Dancing Tree”


Charari Danchu “노잼시기”


Lee Moon Sae Feat. Heize “Blur”


Lee Moon Sae “Between Us”


Lee Moon Sae “Looking back on my life”


MONSTA X “Shoot Out”


Hoody Feat Crush “Sunshine”


Stray Kids “I am YOU”


RM “forever rain”


Morrison Hotel “The Wedding Day”


son&johwa “Mokhwa”


Hailey “Truly”


N.tic “내가 누군지 아니”


The Night of Sekyo Feat. Dawon “Hug You”


Sik-K “Fire”


Koh Na Young “Not Enough”


Sam Kim Feat. Crush “Make Up”


Airman Feat. Chan “똑같았을거야”


Horim “Street”


gwon.u “Home Sweet Home”


r2dom Feat. 9HEA1 “Cyti”


Teddy “나쁜말”


ATEEZ “Pirate King”


ATEEZ “Treasure”


Horan “Wanted”


Golden Child “Genie”


Lee Kichan “지구인”


[esq ape] & whls “Wonder Full”


Yoon Zo “그만 하자”


설이랑 “꽃반지”


Lyn “Run To You”


HUSKI Feat. 효빈 “마중 나갈게”


이별시인 “눈물도 가려주더라”


JEM w/ 최솔지 “강변북로”


충완 “Train”


충완 “3호차”


충완 Feat. 덕스훈트 “분홍길”


Eian Feat. Jungryul “Me In The A.M”




Reddy “Stand By You”


Yeon Gwan Hyung “Forever Alone”


Peterpan Complex “Ghosting”


Jin Ju “Petal”


John Legend X WENDY “Written in the Stars”