K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 10/20/18

38 music videos this week as we see the comebacks of APRIL, SOHEE, Jeong Eun Ji, Zion.T and so many more. I think you all should check out these lesser known artists this week: LoveSong, junhwi kim, S#aFLA, and Ascii Mode.

Full Playlist


APRIL “Oh! my mistake”


SOHEE Feat. BOL4 “Hurry Up”


Jeong Eun Ji “Being There”


Zion.T Feat. Seulgi “Hello Tutorial”


LoveSong “Hongdae station exit3”


Ascii Mode “Voyage”


Yoon Jong Shin “Night Drive”


hi there Feat. Lee Sa Kang “Jeju”


RAMDA Feat. Parkjongkwon “Yes, Alright”


MC SNIPER “Cause I Love You”


Yang Da Il “sorry”


BANHANA “All over again”


Deepshower Feat. JEEBANOFF, George “Summer”


Park Ki Young “I Gave you”


SeungWoo Chon “done”


Tritops “If the rain falls”


Yoon Jiyoung “eternal”


e_so “All the lonely people”


Moon Myung Jin X Hash Swan Feat. Owol “Upper part of the hand”


iKON X GREGORY “Freedom”


Crucial Star Feat. Ezzy “Singer Songwriter”


Bigtiger Group “Smash”


junhwi kim “Seongsu Bridge”


Jeong, Min Gyun “Thank You”


Noovv “Closer”


Crush “none”


Kim Dong Han “Good Night Kiss”


SOYA “Artist”


Ruby Throne Feat. 정화 “ATM”


S#aFLA “DDu-Ru-DDu-PPa-Ra-PPa”


Kirin Feat. Zen-La-Rock “DJ Light, DJ Wegun”


RGP Feat. Byul “We Can Love Again”


nuMori Feat. 전영랑 “새야새야”


nuMori Feat. 전영랑 “서서히 식어갔다”


Lee Hong Gi Feat. Jung IlHoon “Cookies”


Cha Seung Ju “Like U”


BIYA Feat. Olltii “Tokyo”


Amber Liu “Lost At Sea”