K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 10/06/18

39 Music videos this week, with a great solo release from Yuri of Girls’ Generation. We also have the return of SoYou, iKON, NU’EST W, Lee SoRa and more. Check out these lesser known artists: Ashmute, Sujin, Takyeon, and Sumin.

Full Playlist


YURI “Into You”


SOYOU “All Night”


Ashmute “Summer’s Gone”


Isle Qim “ShuShuShu”


Joypark “I’m Still”


유재필 Feat. OL “인싸 되는 법”


iKON “Goodbye Road”


youra “my”


Park Won “rudderless”


NU’EST W w/ Spoonz “I Don’t Care”


Sujin “Hangang River”


Baek Ki Bum “The Dreamer”


Maho “Arirang Fantasia”


Takyeon Feat. Molly.D “All Day”


SOMDEF Feat. George “All Good”


TSUN “Trap”


TSUN Feat. Rome Fortune “View”


Cotton Stick “Stranger”


NOIR “Ariplane Mode”


우영 “Think About` Chu”


IndEgo Aid “비상연락음 ”


Lovelybut w/ Eun Seong “Night Walk”


윤태화 “건배송”


Hangzoo Feat. Gaeko “Drive Thru”


LeeSoRa Feat. Roy Kim “October Lover”


S.O.U.L “Get Myself With You”


Babylon Feat. VINXEN “One More NIght”


Sumin “Woo”


Epitone Project “First Love”


The Rose “She’s In The Rain”


HighSoul Feat. KissN “널 사랑하겠어”


Yammo “Out Here Grindin”


Park Ki Young “HIGH HITS”


Juh Hyun Mee, Gilgu “I Hate You”


KODI GREEN Feat. Dunkin “Champagne”


CHEEZE “Everything To”


Yoo Hwe Seung “Expectation”


4MEN “Love Tonight”


Reddy & Year of the OX “Knock Knock”