K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 09/29/18

22 new music videos this week. First time I’ve seen it in the 20s in a long while, but there are still some great videos to check out this week. Seulgi, SinB, Chung Ha, and SoYeon all collabed on a really fun track. We also have new music from MaseWonder, MONSTA X, and SOMDEF. There are a couple English tracks from Tiffany Young and Jay Park that can’t be missed. Both are excellent! Lesser known artists to check out this week include EZEN, Floppy, RUST, and Dewsisters.

Full Playlist


Seulgi X SinB X Chung Ha X SoYeon “Wow Thing”


MaseWonder Feat. Yonko “Going”


SOMDEF Feat. Crush “Slip N Slide”


Kyung Dasom “My Love Song”


EZEN “Don’t You Want Me”


Kim Eun Kyou “흔한노래”


Lim jae Hyun “If there was practice in love”


Nangnam Band, Lee Sangsoon “Stay as you are”


MONSTA X “If Only”


Feel Good “The farmer’s life”


Always, gotten “Going On”


RUST “Groove It”


Woogotsa “Is She Pretty”


Shirts Boy Frank “Acid Rain”


Dewsisters “With You”


ONEWE, ONEUS “Last Song”


프릴로디 Feat. Mxxg “가을 데이트”


Floppy Feat. Ringojay “Break Up”


Krr “The Night Time”


KISSES “24hr Store”


Tiffany Young “Teach You”


Jay Park “Sexy 4 Eva”