K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 09/16/17

With just two thirds the amount of videos that last week brought us, here is the latest in K-Pop you should be tuning in to. GFRIEND releases yet another hit to end the summer, and we also have new music from Bizzy, 20 Years of Age, Junho, ELRIS and plenty more.

Full Playlist


GFRIEND “Summer Rain”


Bizzy Feat. YDG “What’s Up Hyung”


20 Years of Age “Not Him”


Yonko “Butterfly”


Sleepy Feat. BLOO, Liquor k.jr “So What”


Junho “Instant Love”


Junho “Canvas”


Unfair, 1Kyne “Yo Vibe”


Legit Goons “Junk Drunk Love”


Min Hyuk Jung Feat. Whee In “Holy-Day”


D.I.P Feat. Taylor “A Likely Night”


ELRIS “Pow Pow”


EZ Kim Feat. Taylor “Place”


South Light Feat. Chesan “Dolphin”


Yoon Hyun Sang “Silhouette”


BewhY Feat. Dok2 “9UCCI BANK”


Sugarbowl “A Very Special One”


Sugarbowl “Breeze”


Jong Shin Yoon, Hareem, Cho Jung Chi, Eddy Kim “Now”


Sunny X Henry “U&I”