K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 09/09/17

I can’t say I was prepared for the crazy amount of new music I am bringing to you this week. Thirty new videos for you to flood your earholes with, featuring great artists like The Singing Girls, Barbarettes, Day6, B.A.P, Koh Nayoung and so much more. This should provide well over 100 minutes of music, so take some time to relax and enjoy!

Full Playlist


The Singing Girls “I Like”


Koh Nayoung “Stars”


The Barbarettes “Shoo”


10cm “Pet”


San E, PENOMECO, Microdot, Kebee “Fresh Up”


BLACK6IX “Like A Flower”


Lee Gi Kwang “What You Like”


ZIA “Sad Eyes”


M to M “A Wind Of You”


Honey Pot “Before The Summer Goes”


B.A.P “Honeymoon”


Junho Feat. Cheeze “어차피 잊을 거면서”


EXO “Power”


DAY6 “I Loved You”


Z.Nu, Feel Good “Jager”


Cho Hyung Woo “Afternoon Dream”


Rocoberry “Broken Heart”


Pentagon “Like This”


Dasom Kyung “Think I Wanted To Be”


Soyou “The Blue Night Of Jeju Island”


PUMA X Dean “Run The Streets”


G.Soul “Can’t”


The Solutions “Thumbs Up”


VMC Feat. Deepflow, WuTan, nucksal, ODEE “티키타카”


Monday Kiz “If You Leave Me Now”


Yoona “When The Wind Blows”


PEEJAY Feat. Zion.T “NA B YA”


Jannabi “She”


Jeong Eun Ji “Manito”


Na Aram, Seha “Ennui”