K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 09/23/17

Just when I thought BTS would be headlining this week’s music videos, IU comes out and destroys everyone. Seriously, the two IU songs are amazing and everyone should be checking them out. Also BTS as I said, plus new songs from APRIL, Rocoberry, Sik-K and more!

Full Playlist


IU “Last Night Story”


IU “Sleepless Rainy Night”




APRIL “Take My Hand”


Rocoberry “Bob Shou Wa”


Sik-K “Get That Money”


Sik-K, pH-1, Jay Park “iffy”


Jinbo Feat. Jay Park “Only You And Me”


Something Makers “Sakura Snow”


Sugarbowl “Crusin'”


Ko Da Hye “Uh Doo Il My”


Seo Eunkwang “One Day”


Noisy Boyz “My Letter”


Noisy Boyz “Give Me Your Night”


Hyunphil Shin “Scattered Snow On Bugak Skyway”


Jong Shin Yoon, Jang Jane “Amateur”


The Night of Seokyo Feat. Dawon “Lucky Star”


Muzie Feat. 한해, 황승언 “걔 소리야”


Loona/Odd Eye Circle “Girl Front”


Niel, Justthis “What’s Good?”


GB9 “Star”


Siwoo “Night Time”


Crucial Star Feat. Han-All “Study Abroad”


Monogram “The Child”


Sunny 2 Morrow Feat. heyne “Single Rider”