K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 09/02/17

What a great week this has been for music, and mostly because Primary continues to bring out great new content. While his main MV is at the top of the list, check out the very last video for a Music Video short film of sorts. Takes a bunch of tracks and short videos, and combines them together. It’s really cool. Also check out the latest from HyunA, VIXX LR, Crush and many more. It’s now September and my Best of 2017 list is growing like crazy, and it will be a tough year to sort it all out. But I’m excited for the last few months to see what it brings. Enjoy!

Full Playlist


Primary Feat. Soyou “Right?”


HyunA “Babe”


Crush (with Band Wanderlust) “마지막 축제”


FlaShe “Popping”


Jong Shin Yoon “Home Made”


Golden Child “Damdadi”


VIXX LR “Whisper”






Good Day “Rolly”


Henry “That One”


Airmangirl “Lucky”


K-Bridge “Dream O’ Clock”


Eom Ji Hee “just friend (acoustic)”


Vincent & Roses “라면먹고갈래?”


Rose “Picture”


Jeong Sewoon, Sik-K “Just U”


IZ “All You Want”


Babylon “LaLaLa”


Jessica “Starry Night”


Primary “Pop” (Music Video Movie)