K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 08/26/17

SUNMI returns this week with a lovely new song, and we also see the comebacks of MOMOLAND, PRISTIN, Hoody, and more. It’s another great week of music, with many songs being added to my list of possible Top 100 material. I hope you enjoy these songs and videos as much as I did.

Full Playlist


Sunmi “Gashina”








MiSO “Pink Lady”


K Jun x San E Feat. Giant Pink “내가”


DIA “듣고싶어”


Reno “My Song”


Jo Jeong Mo “Someday”


Dawgs Feat. Lee Seung Jun “Ballin”


VICTON “Unbelievable”


CANDO “Funfun”


Sanchez Feat. Yong Jun Hyung “Mesmerised”


Jisook, Ilhoon “Baesisi”


ALEPH “Fall In Love Again”


Lee Seung Hwan “God Of Money”


Yu Seungwoo, Younha “Can’t Stop This Feeling”


Heize “In The Time Spent With You”


Hur Young Ji “Memory Clock”


Kassy “Let It Rain”


Hailey Rose Feat. SWYZII “Masks”


TREI “Self-Made”