K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 09/22/18

47 new music videos this week featuring music from WJSN, Dreamcatcher, Amber, GOT7, Roy Kim and more! I was also so excited to KCM back, that I pulled a couple of his older albums off the shelf and gave them a listen again. Some lesser known artists not to miss this week are WETTER, Park Sanhee, The Black Underground, Asol, and Bambi.

Full Playlist


WJSN “Save Me, Save You”


Dreamcatcher “What”


Woodie Gochild, HAON, Sik-K, pH-1 “KITKAT”


Gavy NJ “I’m Fine”


Hwang Jaewan “Tear Again”


mNine Feat. DJ Tiz “I’m Good”


e_so “To Him”


Planetarium Records “IGOHOLIC”


ZENE THE ZILLA Feat. Don Mills “Totally Hot”


죠지 “오랜만에”






WETTER “Hello Sunshine”


Asol Feat. OLNL “Bucket List”


GOT7 “Lullaby”


VINXEN Feat. Nell “Star”


VINXEN “Yoo Jae Suk”


OWOL Feat. 자이언트 핑크 “Not Bad”


HEYDAY Feat. Joy O’Clock “Tonight”


Bambi Feat. Dunkin Downer “Violin”


Roy Kim “The Hardest Part”


UNI.T “I Mean”


JUNIK “Rooftop”


Life and Time “Wisdom”


Life and Time “TV Drama”


PURPLE “Maemmaeya”


Mommy Son Feat. 배기성 “소년점프”




Gwon Youngchan “Weak”


S.I.S “Say Yes”


DJ Wegun Feat. sogumm & punchnello “서툴러”


KCM With. 동네청년 “내 노래”


벤치위레오 “검은 태양 (Soleil noir)”


macguffin “DISCO (I Don’t Mind)”


Haebi “Wolfboy”


Lof.T “밤이 피네”


pollo “옆집 개”


Vanmal “Unification Road March”


The Black Underground “Slow Life”


Heo SeongJeong “Sound”


Eyedi “Red”


Shirts Boy Frank “FOAM”


Park Sanhee “Over the Blue”


GIRIBOY Feat. Goretexx “acrnm”


VERIVERY “Super Special”


JooYoung “Inn”


AMBER “White Noise”