K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 09/15/18

44 new music videos this week featuring comebacks by Jay Park, OH MY GIRL, PENTAGON, Park Boram, Hyomin, and more! One of my favorite returns is HUMMING URBAN STEREO, so check that one out for sure! There were a lot of stand out tracks this week from the more popular to the lesser known, which I’m glad as September has been a lot of music overall, but not a lot of songs I want to add to my monthly ‘Best Of’ playlist. Don’t forget to check out these lesser known artists: SURL, EB, Choi & Jungyoon, Life and Time, and Minsu.

Full Playlist


Jay Park “V”


OH MY GIRL “Remember Me”


DINDIN Feat. Lee Hong Gi “Insomnia”


PENTAGON “Naughty Boy”


12DAL “Day Off”


SURL “Stay Here”


OurR “Birthday”


DAY6 “Beautiful Feeling”


015B, Henzy “Tarot”


D.I.B Feat. Fuzzy “Go Trip”


GYOJUNG “Not being around you”


GRACHI “Grab It”


Ram “Up In The Air”


BLSG “Free Fart”


cott Feat. Lee Sang Hoon “susuhan bam”


Up That Brown “Shake It Tonight”


D-9INE “I Got YOur Back”


Life and Time “Jamsugyo”


Life and Time “Picnic”


Life and Time “Summit”


CHEEZEKAIN “Catherine”


Onestar “The Way To Say Goodbye”




Kitten Girls “U ME US”


Ku One Chan “Don’T Be Sad”


AIVAN “Find Myself”


seizetheday Feat. Sleepy “Ocean View”


Orange Fang Fang Boys “Ready To”


Hyomin “MANGO”


Samuel Seo “Happy Avacado”


HOYA Feat. HANHAE “Baby U”


EB “Wanna Know”


JaeDal “Tree”


Park Boram “one more shot”


Soup Feat. YELLA D “OHIYO”




Rose “blur”


FR:EDEN “Day & Night”


Fana “Jellyfish”


SORAN “Zamianwa (Can’t Close My Eyes)”


JooYoung “N/A”


Minsu “Islet”


Choi, Jungyoon “Delete You”


UNI.T “Begin with the end”