K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 09/08/18

42 new music videos this week that sees the new Girls Generation sub-unit, Oh!GG debut. We also have comebacks from SUNMI, GWSN, 100%, Jimin Park and more! I highly recommend these lesser known artists: Nana Mellie, Elaine, Luna Pirates, and Purple J.

Full Playlist


Oh!GG “Lil’ Touch”


SUNMI “Siren”


JOOHEON “Should I do”


KwonMilk “Guitar Man”


Nana Mellie “Falling”


MORINGA Feat. 조윤화 “오랜만이야”


Jay Kim Feat. Jeff Lorber “Amor Sin Fin”


Shin Yong Jae “The Reason Why I Became a Singer”


Shin Yong Jae “Over & Over”


100% “Heart”


Nam Woo Hyun “If Only You Are Fine”




Jeong Jinwoon “All I Need Is You”


SoRi Feat. Basick “Touch”


Damsonegongbang “Wedding Day”


Kyu “제자리걸음”


BESWEET “Woodland”


Great Guys “Illusion”


Jimin Park “April Fools (0401)”


HAKI Feat. Kidd King “Distraxxion”


Nam TaeHyun “Star”


Elaine “Wake Me Up”


WINee “May”


Bravo “Sunny Day”


THAMA “Nuuh”


GWSN “Puzzle Moon”


HAON Feat. Jay Park, Hoody “‘NOAH”


The Boyz “Right Here”


Luna Pirates Feat. O.WHEN “This Is Love”


Purple J “Breath”


SPECTRUM “Dear my”


Yook Sungjae “Confession”


SG Wannabe “Let’s Meet Up Now”


Young Stone Feat. Bloody Web “In Your Eyes”


Blue Lamb “Universe”


Lipbubble “Yellow Pink”


Huckleberryfinn “Voyage”


Belt Boy “별거 아냐”


Kj김민수 “장마”


Standing Egg “Have You Ever Had Heart Broken?”




Lee Jungpyo “Bengawan Solo”