K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 09/01/18

45 music videos this week featuring new music from Rothy, SHINHWA, NCT Dream, Stray Kids and so many more. Rothy has been one of my favorite up and coming singers since she debuted last year, and “Lost Time” is just beautiful. Also check out these lesser known artists this week: DyoN Joo, Vando, Jclef, and Space Boutique.

Full Playlist


Rothy “Lost Time”


Rothy “Burning”


Jclef “지구 멸망 한 시간 전”


SHINHWA “Kiss Me Like That”


Ko Sungmin “Don’t Let Me Know”




STEN Feat. Nice Nerd “세계일주”


STEN “Maybe”


Muzie Feat. Space Cowboy “Nothing”


JI YE “Mom, Tell Me”


JI YE “Que sera sera”


TUNE “Stranger”


Raina “It’s Okay”


G.brown “핸드폰”


Ager Feat. Crucial Star “Wanna Know”


Unofficial “Looped”


Stray Kids “갑자기 분위기 싸해질 필요 없잖아요”


YESEO “Honey, Don’t Kill My Vibe”


BUMZU “I don’t miss you”


Space Boutique “Spooky Moon”


Space Boutique “Love Letter”


V.E.I.L, Richie Kim “Double Trouble”


Cho Hyung Woo “Regret”


VANDO “Take It Away”


Ugly Duck, Chloe DeVita “Sugar”


Skinny Chase Feat. MarQ Beyond, DJ Tiz “Claw of Thrones”


Itsang “150728”




BIYA Feat. G2 “Seattle”


JIN LONGGUO “Friday n Night”


Colslaugh “BIBIMBOP”


OVIT “right”


Drive Shower “ZERO”


Tropical “Mwah”


Woogotsa “Love Comes From Incompetence”


G.Urban “FIX YOU”


NCT Dream “We Go Up”


mimu “아득히 먼 곳으로 ”


DyoN Joo “In Seoul”


DyoN Joo “#Life_Is_Pain”


Drug Restaurant “403”


onsu “A Trail of Seasons”


JooHeon “Red Carpet”


김유이 “오빠의 비타민”


Part Time Cooks Feat. Jay Park “California Butterfly”