K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 08/05/17

PRIMARY, Girls’ Generation, Raina, BEAST, GFRIEND are just a handful of the groups with comebacks this week, so you know this is a damn good week to be listening to K-Pop. It is now the first Sunday of August, and the summer of hits doesn’t seem to show any sign of slowing down. So come on in and enjoy the latest batch of greatness that K-Pop has to offer.

Full Playlist


Primary Feat. 카더가든 “Night”


Primary Feat. Sam Kim, eSNa “~42”


Girls’ Generation “All Night”


Girls’ Generation “Holiday”


JUICY CANDY x San E Feat. Gary “Like an Airplane”


GFRIEND “Love Whisper”


Raina Feat. Aron “Loop”


JJ Project “Tomrorrow, Today”


정진형 “Calling You”


Shannon “Hello”


JIDA Feat. Rachel Lim “Blind”


DAMHO “푸른저녁”


Kyung Park “WIPED”


Samuel Feat.Changmo “Sixteen”


N.Flying “The Real”




The Rose “Sorry”




BEAST “Gotta Go To Work”


Absint Feat. Killagramz “Maltwo”


Loco Feat. SUMIN “Rewind”


9MUSES “Love City”


유영진 X TAEYONG “Cure”