K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 07/29/17

Turbo is back with an extremely catchy summer hit, and it gives Kim Jong Kook a good excuse to show off the guns. We also see comebacks from LABOUM, ELRIS, Dreamcatcher, MONSTA X, and NELL. One of my favorite duos return with an adorable little cover performance, so check out the latest from J Rabbit at the end of the post. Plenty to love this week, so check out the latest and greatest from the K-Pop music scene!

Full Playlist


Turbo “Hot Sugar”




ELRIS “My Star”


JK Kim Dong Uk “Gold”


NELL “Broken”


Dreamcatcher “Fly High”


Joypark “California Orange”


Joypark Feat. Jiaerin “Alive”


Luda “I Will Give You All I Got”


HyunSang “Hanpyungman”


LIVE HIGH “Kung Dari Sha Bah Rah”


NAVID “AzaAza”


Chaboom “Lord of the Flies”


MYTEEN “Amazing”


Loopy & nafla “Internet War”


MONSTA X “Newton”


Park Won “All of My Life”


Lim Hyunsik “Swimming”


BUZZ “The Love”


CLON “Go Tomorrow”


DOA “Just One Day”


J Rabbit “상어가” (Cover)