K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 08/12/17

Sorry for the slight delay on this post, as I was exhausted after a wonderful weekend in Washington D.C. for Otakon 2017 (Will post about that later this week). Juniel makes a long awaited comeback, and we see new music from Eddy Kim, Jessica, DAY6, Boyfriend and much more.  One of my favorite songs this week is “Americano” by Dawn of the Day. Check out all those great artists and even more this week to help kick off your Monday!

Full Playlist


Juniel “Last Carnival”


Eddy Kim “Now”


Moon Hyuna, EU Erine “Doong Doong”


Jessica “Summer Storm”


Dawn of the Day “Americano”


Jessi “Arrived”


DAY6 “What Can I Do”


Weki Meki “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend”


Wanna One “Energetic”


MIAMIPROJECT Feat. 초영, DJ 2E LOVE “Gray City”


Eom Ji Hee “just friend”


AlphaBAT “Get Your Luv”


LOONA/Choerry “Love Cherry Motion”


Giryeon “It’s Too Late”


DMEANOR “Right Here”


Wookey “Glisten”




Hong Jin Young “Ring Ring C version”


Ra.D “Drive Away 2”


Real Girls Project “PINGPONG GAME”


OGUOGU “Ice Chu”


ANTS “Don’t Fight”