K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 07/01/17

Last week, I thought we hit a jackpot with the amount of great new music that came out, and this week decided it wanted to up that ante. 26 great new songs and videos to share with everyone this week. Hyroi is back again, and I love the new song so much! We also have new music from Stella Jang, Heize, Crush, APink, Stellar, Standing Egg and so many more that listing them all would be ridiculous. Sit back and hit play on the playlist and enjoy a fun ride of various genres!

Full Playlist


Lee Hyori Feat. Killagramz “Seoul”


Stella Jang “Alright”


Hyolyn, Kisum “Fruity”


APink “FIVE”


Heize “Don’t Know You”


Heize Feat. Shin Yong Jae “You, Clouds, Rain”


Crush Feat. Beenzino “Outside”


Crush “Summer Love”


Stellar “Archangels of the Sephiroth”


NC.A, Sugarbowl “Love Me”


강민희 Feat. 한동근 “널 보낸 적 없어”


D.Hong “Stay There”


Shannon Feat. Lil Boi “눈물이 흘러”


Nam Taehyun “I Got The Blues”


Name Taehyun “LIAR”




NakJoon Feat. Changmo “Blame”


MaseWonder Feat. YunB “Moonlit”


DOPE DAYS “Fetal Movement”


Standing Egg “Cuz It’s You”


Parc Jae Jung “Focus”


G.Soul Feat. Hoody “Tequila”


YunB Feat. Kid Travis & MaseWonder “2099”


LambC “Enee Menee Minee Mo”


UP10TION “Runner”


L.A.U “So Sweet”