K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 06/24/17

Large batch of videos this week, that sees comebacks from Mamamoo, Blackpink, 9Muses, and Monsta X. Plenty of reason to be excited with just those names alone, but the rest of this week’s new music is just as good. With Skull and Tiger JK teaming up, you know the Korean music industry is doing it big!

Full Playlist


Mamamoo “Age Gag”


Mamamoo “Yes I Am”


Blackpink “As If It’s Your Last”


9Muses “Remember”


YOZOH “Let It Shine”


Skull, Tiger JK “Here To Stay”


MONSTA X “Shine Forever”


BewhY “Scar”


Piano Man “No More”


Cando “Day Star”


Ben Feat. Yo$ap “Sweety”


Seul Ong Feat. Beenzino “YOU”


Li G “You n I”


Nick & Sammy “Baby You Love Me”


Knave “SomeWhere”


Nam Taehyun “Dirty House”


Ahn Jung Jae “You’re Fine”


Henry Feat. nafla “I’m Good”


JERO Feat. Beenzino “Traffic Light”


Jang Jin Young X The Barberettes “Stranger’s Love”