K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 07/08/17

Another great new song from Hyori this week, and I must say I’m digging her new style for her music. She’s been able to constantly reinvent herself over the years. BTS also does an amazing cover of SeoTaiji and the Boys “Come Back Home”. A lot of other great music this week featuring VAV, The Barbarettes, Kim Tae Woo and more! Enjoy yet another pack week of must hear K-Pop!

Full Playlist


Lee Hyori “Black”


BTS “Come Back Home”


OOHYO “Dandelion”


The Barbarettes “Summer Love”


Sunwoojunga “구애”


VAV “ABC (Middle of the Night)”


20 Years of Age “Remind Me”


Junjaman “Hot Air”


Min Chae “Latata”


Kim Tae Woo “Following”


ULTIMA “Stars In Your Eyes”


Hippy Was Gipsy “Dot”


Favorite “Party Time”


Take “Good Enough”


Yu Seungwoo, Sandeul “Oppa”


GarlicSwag “Over The Window”


Kwak Dong Hyun “Memories”


Yun Min Soo “Daylight”


YunB Feat. YonYon “Ritalin”


시우민 X 마크 “Young & Free”


E Z Hyoung “Vainhope”