K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 07/18/20

PinkFantasy "Shadow Play" MV

26 music videos this week that not only feature the returns of some favorites, but features some straight bangers in terms of hip hop tracks. So check out the music videos below featuring ChangMo, GFRIEND, Hwa Sa, Crush, Dreamcatcher, AleXa and more! Lesser known artists to check out are Nieah, GOLD, and CLICO.

Full Playlist


CHANGMO “Swoosh Flow”






The Trigger Feat. JaySsup, 차멜레온, Sixofi, WooPark, pov, 정탑건 “Squad Life”


PinkFantasy “Shadow Play”


Yuzion, Futuristic Swaver “Mess”


anngyeungjaebee Feat. Munchman “Four Eyed”


Jeong SeWoon “Say yes”


CSVC “무자비(無慈悲)”


Sikboy Feat. DAE, MAN1AC “POSSE (Remix)”


Crush “OHIO”


Baek Z Young “I still love you a lot”


CLICO “Again & Again”


Woogotsa “Habit”


GOLD “Fly High”


Jeong Eun Ji “AWay”


TOO “Count 1, 2”




Dreamcatcher “R.o.S.E BLUE”


XRO “Chuckle”


XRO “Welcome To My Jungle”


AleXa “Villain”


1THE9 “Bad Guy”


Hwa Sa “LMM”


YANU Feat. MaseWonder “JO MALONE”


Nieah “Good Trip”