K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 07/25/20

SOMI "What You Waiting For" MV
SOMI "What You Waiting For" MV

HYO, SOMI, LEE HI, ZENE THE ZILLA, SSAK3, YUKIKA, KOYOTE, and more make up the 22 music videos I am bringing you this week. I love that SSAK3 and CSVC have been bringing back the old school K-Pop vibes lately, and we even see KOYOTE return with their classic sound. YUKIKA brings her City Pop vibes once again, so that is another highly recommended song this week. Lesser known artists to check out are KYO, sunwashere, Eian, and Jade.

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HYO Feat. Loopy, SOYEON “Dessert”


York Feat. SongHeeRan “Via”





YUKIKA “Soul Lady”


Jason Lee Feat. KIRIN, Spray “Paradise”


Jade Feat. CHE “No more”


LISA “Lazy Love”


ColorTheBen “oceandrive”


Car, The Garden “31”


SOMI “What You Waiting For”


Eian “Help Me”


Marco “All Right”


KOYO “Maybe”




BLOO “When I smoke”


Choi Ye Geun “Unbalance”


KOYOTE “The Sea”


OKDAL “산책의 미학”


THE MAN BLK “Time Turner”


sunwashere “Paisley”


Ramda “Homebody”


SSAK3 “Beach Again”