K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 07/14/18

TWICE with the Summer bop of 2018! While it isn’t even a top 5 song for them, I freaking love this song for the season. So perfect! We also have great new music from LambC, SEENROOTS, gugdan SEMINA, Rothy, Crush and more! The lesser known artists to check out this week are Jeonghan, HanDaHee, JUNIK, and WABLE.

Full Playlist


TWICE “Dance The Night Away”


LambC “Beauty”


SEENROOT “Paradise”


Rothy “Butterfly Effect”


Hickee “Fragrance”


J’Kyun Feat. KTWMS “Question Mark”


Han Yeoyoo “Bang Bang Bang”


Jeonghan “Think about it”


George “go back”


ZIA “Even Though Me”


Moti “BLUE”


Dancensingalong “Fahion People’s”


Dancensingalong ‘With That Alone”


AIVAN “Tell The World”


South Carnival “Paradise”


gugudan SEMINA “Semina”


Geupsik-Dan “Geupsik”


MYTEEN” She Bad”


B.O. “Stay”


Jaejooboys “First Trip”


Yoon Jong Shin “Summer Man”


The Boyz “Keeper”


Lee Seung Hwan Feat. Stella Jang “For Your Ears Only”


PRE’DAY “무감각”


HanDaHee Feat. KimKangJin “Cotton Candy”


SOLE “Slow”


Crush Feat. ZICO “Cereal”


Louie “Penalty”


JUNIK “Rain”


John OFA Rhee Feat. Kim Minseok “Brightest Star”


WABLE “Ending Song”


NO:EL “00 (Double O)”