K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 07/07/18

It is the first week in July and I have 36 new music videos to present to your ears. We have some great returns with Yoonmirae, Apink, Jessi, TEEN TOP, Golden Child and many more. We also have some lesser known artists that as always, I love to give a boost to. This week you all should check out HAEBI, Sinstealer, KQ Fellaz, GRACHI, and KOLAVO. Also I want to bring up my auto-tune dilemma again. There are instances this week where I hate and love it. This comes down to whether an artist just embraces it fully or tosses it in randomly and causes the flow of the song to just die. Jvcki Wai completely goes for it and I love the song. Can’t stop listening. While Gyeong Ree tosses it in briefly and it made me cringe and the first time I just hit stop. I went back and gave the song another chance, and overall it is a good son, but that auto-tune is so poorly implemented. So I hope artists stop just tossing it in, as it was one of my issues of BTS “Fake Love”. With auto-tune and me, it is go big or go home.

Full Playlist


Yoonmirae Feat. JunoFlo “You & Me”


Apink “I’m So Sick”


Jessi “Down”


Jvcki Wai “Enchanted Propoganda”


Lovelyz “Wah-zak”


YonYon, SIRUP “Mirror”


BANSUK “I’m Gonna Play The Guitar”


HAEBI “Love Me Please”


YUNPA “The night you fall”


Yang Da Il, Wendy “One Summer”


REX.D “Off-White”


Younghertz Feat. 송화진 “뿅뿅”


Wonhyuk “We Are”


Sinstealer “Summer Beer”


KOLAVO “Salaryman”


MeloMance “Tale”


TEEN TOP “Lover”


KQ Fellaz “From”


NADA X Mina Myoung “DOZER”


GRACHI Feat. Gumni “Loca”


Dino.T “연꽃2”


Park BoRam “How about U”


OOHYO “Papercut”


Golden Child “LET ME”


T.P RETRO, 학선 Feat. 정동원 “하염없이”


JO GON “Old Notes”


“Hi” temperature “My heart is an ocean”


Today’s Weather “Hey”


Gyeong Ree “BLUE MOON”


Jang Deok Cheol “Lateness”


Cho Kyu Chan “Rainy Day”


Kim Chan Ho “It was Bom”


HOLLAND “I’m Not Afraid”


KODI GREEN Feat. Twlv & Bambi “Alone”


Laibac Feat. 8crayz “Leave Me”