K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 07/21/18

Wow this week features a lot of songs that are perfect for summer. MAMAMOO, GFriend, Hyolyn, Ashley, Saturday, Chunga Ha, SEVENTEEN, and more bringing the perfect vibes for the summer season! There’s also a decent song from Triple H if you are into them, but between both songs they have done I haven’t been extremely impressed with that trio so far.  Check out these lesser known artists this week: Sophiya, Wonderful Machine, Peterpen Complex, Hong Kyungmin, and Bassagong.

Full Playlist


MAMAMOO “Egotistic”


Ashley “Here We Are”


Hyolyn “See Sea”


Saturday “MMook Jji BBa”


Wooks Feat. Artinb “Shy”


NaShow “Heavy Rain”


Sophiya Feat. DAWN “Let’s Get Lost”


Slou.D “A Song About Me”


Wonderful Machine “Don’t Waste The Time”


GFRIEND “Sunny Summer”




Hong Kyungmin “DaDaDa”


NO:EL Feat. Giriboy, Han Yo Han “Parrot”


HEYGIRLS “Nog-Yeojwo”


ROCOBERRY Feat. 펀치 “Telephone”


Yellow Bee “If You Love Me”


HOLLAND “I’m So Afraid”


Uniqnote Feat. Crucial Star, 박전구 “Like Gentle Rain”


Peterpen Complex Feat. Jung In “1999”


TaPi “Croquette”


Bassagong “HBD”


김승현, 조성재, 이일주 “조수석”


Park Il Song “Que Sera Sera”


D.I.B “Lazy Boy”


Chung Ha “Love U”


Triple H “Retro Future”


VARSITY “Flower”


glowingdog Feat. XulianX “at night”


Sobae Feat. San E “Holiday”


SEUNGRI “1,2,3!”


Choiza, Microdot “Hit!!!”


Ricky P Feat. LODY “Anastasia Island”


KODI GREEN Feat. PACMAN & Lee Eun Kyung “This Love”


Sik-K “Skip and Kiss”


Graphy “Here Comes Spring”