K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 06/09/18

Going in to writing this post, I swore this was a slow week and was surprised when I noticed there were 42 new music videos this week. We get Yubin’s new solo song, as well as comebacks from fromis_9, Navi, Wanna One, and Yoon Jong Shin. The lesser known artists to check out this week are Kodi Green, Daphnis et Chloé, LEESUN, and Phonebooth.  I hope everyone finds something to enjoy this week!

Full Playlist


Yubin “숙녀”


Navi “Monday to Sunday”


Hwigyeong-dong, Song I Han “Reason”


Jang HeeWon “Letter”


Flied Feat. Feat. 용현 “Luvsome”


Olltii Feat. Huckleberry P, H2ADIN “Cypherpath”


Chris Kim “Memories”


New Authors, Elaine “Goodbye”


Collective Arts, Han Yijin Feat. Park Haeun “If I”


The Ade “가끔씩은 내 생각하니”


Wanna One “Light”


피터팬 컴플렉스 Feat. leeSA “산책의 간격”


fromis_9 “DKDK”


Bless You “Hold On”


Kodi Green Feat. Feat. 이은경, BB “Can’t Stop Love You”


Daphnis et Chloe “Misunderstanding and Leaving”


MIYAO “It’s Okay”


dear cloud “shining bright”


Joe Wonsun w/ John Park “Take it Slow”


D:amant “TRUE”


MaseWonder Feat. Stella Jang, J.yung “Lalaola”


Home Stage Feat. Dason “Say It”


EZEN “Dream”


6 to 8 “A remembrance song after parting”


D.I.B, MUZIN “Life is Good”


이기태 “사랑한다는 만가지 말”




Seol Hayoon “I Love Korea”


Transfixion & OH MY GIRL “The Shouts of the Reds 2018”


Jung Joon Young “HiFive Korea”


ONF “Complete”


Yoon Jong Shin “My Queen”


박한얼 “너만 몰라”


Glue “Peace”


Bandmaroo “사랑, 사랑이라면”


Hong Haelim “A Way Home”


LEESUN Feat. MaseWonder “WHEE YOU”


SUPERBEE & myunDo Feat. YNR “Life is Premium”




REX.D Feat. Wavy “Playlist”


JEON WOO SUNG “Serenade”


Phonebooth “Firework”