K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 06/16/18

While there is only 26 Music Videos this week, we finally got a new song from BLACKPINK and I don’t care about the haters, it’s a banger! We also got new music from Koh Na Young, DPR Live, SHINee, and more! I can’t recommend the lesser known artists enough each week, and this time I have to highlight the following: Alice Vicious,  BaeCyo, Yunha Park, and Jang Soobin. Enjoy the music from yet another great week!

Full Playlist




Koh Na Young “Humming”




CODE KUNST Feat. Tablo & Colde “rain bird”


Jae Jung Parc “Bad Dream”


BaeCyo Feat. UByul “Better”


왈와리 “매일 오빠”


NANO Feat. Pry “Walkin'”


Very Very Good Life “Serenade of Dream”


Busters “Grapes”


OVAN Feat. VINXEN “Miss Fortune”


LONGGUO Feat. Yoonmirae “Clover”


DPR LIVE “Playlist”


Han See In “When You’re Down”


Han See In “Youth”


Han See In “Moon”


HNB “Falling in Love”


Yunha Park “Can’t Help It”


Jang Soobin “I’m Ready”


SHINee “I Want You”


Alice Vicious “Be My Clyde”


Alice Vicious Feat. Hiyadam “Feel Better”


Ele “Half”


KissN X Highsoul “사랑했던 그 날들로 나밖에 없었던 날들로”


Bae in Hyuk “Do Not Disturb”


CHANGMO “Holy God”