K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 06/02/18

I bring to you 42 new music videos this week. We have two sub-units this week in PRISTIN V and WJMK. PRISTIN V’s song is amazing, while WJMK is cute, but not as good as I hoped. Two other girl groups made comebacks this week with less than stellar songs. AOA’s new song is just grating on the ears in my opinion, while LOONA/yyxy just seems to build towards something, but never quite gets there. I also have to mention Rothy is back with another song showcasing her lovely voice!  Some of the lesser known artists to check out this week include HAEBI, LoveSong, luya, and South Club.

Full Playlist




Rothy “SULLAE”


SHINee “Good Evening”


YouJaeSun “Hotel”


RISABAE Feat. Kisum “E.N.C


C.A.P “For”


AOA “Bingle Bangle”


GIRIBOY “Parrot”


Joypark “Pisces”


Joypark “bonfire”


MARMELLO “The Moment Of Glory”


NTB “Dramatic”


Leo, Sejeong “We, The Reds”


Rockit Girl “We Are Korea”


S.min “Let You Go”


Crucial Star “Night Alone”


Luya “Who Knows”


J’Kyun “I SEOUL U”


HAEBI “Eating Alone”


LoveSong “Bloom”


BOL4 “Wind”


홍가 Feat. 양은선 “숲”


LAZMOD Feat. Kirin “Focus Of Memories”


Ryu Won Jeong “Father I Love You”


김승현, 이동우 “힘들 때 들어줘”


Jane Jang “Seoul Noir”


ELO Feat. ZICO “Osaka”


South Club “Outcast”


LOONA/yyxy Feat. Grimes “love4eva”


Samuel Feat. Lee Rohan “TEENAGER”


Thama Feat. Giriboy “Like That”


Animal Divers “Liveaboard”


V.E.I.L “Radio Star”


Minsu “생일 노래”


Stagger “DnA”


Pudditorium “Paradise”


Joosuc “Sky So Blue”


Punch “End of the Night”


Yang Da Il “won’t you say it”





MAKTUB Feat. 이라온 & Tommy Kim “Honey Night”