K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 06/08/19

Only 19 Music Videos this week that I think you should be watching, but it is an amazing crop of songs. Over half of the videos below are already fighting for a spot on my monthly best of, so that is proof enough it is a quality week. Featuring new music from BoA, Bizzy, Jay Park, TEEN TOP, fromis_9, and WJSN, you definitely don’t want to miss any of this latest batch. Lesser known artists to check out are SeoGy, Park So Yu, moi, and DUKIN.

Full Playlist


BoA Feat. Nucksal “Feedback”


Bizzy “BzB”


moi “Melting Away”


JUNE “Tonight”


Sandeul “One Fine Day”


IZ “Hello”


Seung Guk Lee “Mr. Popularity”


WJSN “Boogie Up”


Jay Park Feat. Uneducated Kid, Ghoulavelli, Bradystreet “Ben Baller”


TEEN TOP “Run Away”


fromis_9 “FUN!”


Song wonsub Feat. Criss Animak “I love you”


Park So Yu “Oskar”


DUKIN “DUKIN thinks”


K JUN “ma all SUMMER”


Skull Feat. Koonta, Mion, Vigorman “fosho”




nafla, Loopy, BLOO, DJ Flojee “NBA”


SeoGy, Perrie “Vintage”