K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 06/15/19

24 music videos this week you should definitely be checking out in the K-Pop universe. SOMI dropped her song “Birthday” this week, and I was hooked so quickly, I know it will be on my Top 100. I couldn’t stop listening to it, and it probably helped it was actually my birthday this past week. We also have great new music from ATEEZ, BIBI, U-KNOW, Kid Milli, Giriboy, and more! Lesser known artists you shouldn’t miss are LEES2UN, wetter, Rurida, and Solbi.

Full Playlist


SOMI “Birthday”


LEES2UN “Rainbow”


ROCOBERRY “How Is Your Night?”


ATEEZ “Illusion”


ATEEZ “Wave”


J_ust “Way Back Home”


wetter “who”


wetter “Romance in a Weird World”


wetter “You N Me Us”


Dewsisters “pongchak”




Ong Seong Wu “Heart Sign”


VANKiD Feat. Kimm Chaan, Doogiechilli “훗카이도”


NOIR “Doom Doom”


Solbi “Violet”


BIBI “Nabi”


U-KNOW “Follow”


Dickpunks “Bicycle Man”


Rurida “Shalalala”


Kid Milli Feat. Loopy “APP”


Jiselle “Better This Way”


GIRIBOY Feat. Kid Milli, Lil tachi, Kim Seung Min, NO:EL, C Jamm “아퍼”




A-JAX “Never Let Go”