K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 06/01/19

Another week has passed and I have carefully crafted a list of 26 music videos I think you should be watching. Featuring new music from Rothy, Lee Hi, YOONA, ONEUS, CLC, MASC, and more! Lesser known artists to check out are Bluelk, Rockit girl, Lilynote, WELL, and June.

Full Playlist


Rothy “BEE”


Moon Hee Won Feat. SAMIN “Spring X5”


Kyoung Mi “I Love You, Philip Morris”


MASC “Maschera”


Bluelk “Can’t Wait”


GUYZ “Bad Addiction”


We In The Zone “Let’s Get Loud”


Lilynote “A Constant Thing”


June “New Jack Swing Medley”


Boramiyu “Hello, When we were us”


OnlyOneOf “savanna”


OnelyOneOf “time leap”


BURSTERS “Barriers”


WELL “Only Love”


WELL “Baby, I’m on your side”


ONEUS “Twilight”


Woody “Natural”


CLC “Me”


Rockit girl “little cat”


YOONA Feat. 스무살 “Summer Night”


12DAL “Don’t Care”


Lee Hi Feat B.I “No One”


YOYOMI “A road in my dream”


KANTO X Wonderframe “Dejavu”


JoHa “Eolleli Kkolleli”


Colde “I fxxking love you”