K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 05/26/18

BOL4 is back with two brand new songs! I am super excited to bring you this week’s collection of 43 music videos just for them alone! They aren’t the only ones though, as Moon Byul has two new solo songs. I always love pointing up some lesser known artsists, so definitely check out leeSA’s new single. She’s always amazing. Others to check out are KIMOXAVI, NUZ, Eyedi, BESWEET, and Blue Lamb. Also people should check out Young Thugs Club “Salad”, it’s kind of ridiculous, and yet I can’t stop listening to it. Enjoy!

Full Playlist


BOL4 “Travel”


BOL4 “Starlight”


Moon Byul Feat. Seulgi “SELFISH”


Moon Byul “In my room”


V.O.S “Door”


YllRock Feat. LYDO “NARASI”


KIMOXAVI “Purple Road”


Vincent & Mango “Walkin'”


Horim & Ami Kim “The Cosmos”


Deletis Feat. Sayah “Love Gamble”


OOSU:HAN “Traces of ourselves”


Jisook “Edelweiss”


HD Beatz Feat. The Quiett, Hash Swan, Verbal Jint “HD”


byebyesea “Rainbow Bridge”


Han Yo Han Feat. Kid Milli, NO:EL “헬리콥터”


KHAN “I’m Your Girl?”


DAVII Feat. Heize “Only me”


ASTRO Feat. Superbee, myunDo “Like a King”


NUZ “Shape”


VICTON “Time of Sorrow”


Hippy was Gipsy w/ Kim Oki “We”


Junoflo “Real Ones”


Aurorasting “The Calm Before The Storm”


Ju kang hyeon “Good bye”


HWI “Midnight Observer”


Eyedi “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”


Young Thugs Club “Salad”


BESWEET “Flower Like”


Bois “고양이와 당신의 시간”


DABDA “Last Month”


ADOY “Young”


GB9 “We’d”


TheEastLight “Love FLutters”


The Night of Seokyo Feat. Dawon “Falling in Moonlight”




leeSA Feat. 김정우 “Foxy”


Blue Lamb “Night, Star”


GANGNOON “하얗게 하얗게”


YEL Feat. Horim “Lucid Dream”


ALow “Like It”


BOYFRIEND “Sunshower”


Sung Si Kyung “_eternally”


24K “Bonnie N Clyde”