K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 05/05/18

CUBE debuts their new girl group, (G)-IDLE, this week and they have a sound reminiscent of Blackpink. Which is great since YG seems to hate promoting Blackpink music wise. We also have new music from some of my other favorites like Hoody, Jay Park, Simon Dominic, Loco, Crush, and others. Lesser known artists to check out this week are Kyung Dasom, Ants, LEESUN, MAYDONI, KINIE.K, and Aseul.

Full Playlist




Kyung Dasom “Fall in love”


Hoody Feat. George “Why”


JBJ “Just Be Stars”


Temperature of Saying” hi” “if you tell me”


IZ “Granulate”


IZ “Angel”


Ants “Sorry”




P-38 “Shooting Star”


Yun Ddan Ddan “Let it flow”


ABTB “Free Rider”


YunB Feat. Reddy “Y Sad”


GFriend “Time for the moon night”


Ha Hyunsang “Where Are You Now”


Jay Park, Simon Dominic, Loco, Gray “Upside Down”


ii “I’m Already You”


Crown Feat. CROQ “Shine”


LOOPY “Let It Out”




Racy “Don’t Leave Me”


MAYDONI “Balloon”




Jung Yup “Nothing Left”


Reddy Feat. Year of the OX “Turkey”


Crush “Bittersweet”


Skull Feat. Ja Mezz, 1 Star “Lebua”


Loco “Party Band + OPPA”


So Soo Bin “Sweet nothings”




RUI “I Don’t Care”


Gaho “Stay Here”


Kim Soo Yeon “LA LA LA”


Raphorn “Anti-Love”


KINIE.K “I Should Have”


TARIN w/ Peter Han “Don’t Worry Be Happy”


Kyungri & It’s “What’re You Doing Tonight”


Aseul “Sandcastles”


Kim SuYoung “The Star”


Amber “ROUGE ROUGE: Get Over It”