K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 04/28/18

With 44 Music Videos this week, it’s crazy that I’m celebrating that number since it isn’t 50 plus again. Well we have some great new music from favorites like Hyolyn, Jay Park, Hoody, Solar and more. The lesser known artists this week I think deserve notice are The Collective Arts, Sonia Choy, MIIII, zai.ro, and 2soo.

Full Playlist


HYOLYN Feat. Gray “Dally”


MIIII “Sleepless”


Yun Ddan Ddan “It Will Be Okay”


Yun Ddan Ddan “In My Room”


Solar “Where The Wind Rises”


Solar “Nada Sou Sou”


Lovelyz “That day”


Hwang In Sun “Dead Clock”


Hoody Feat. Jay Park “Golden”


Collective Arts, Kim Hyunchang “Away”


Collective Arts, Lee Eunsu “Walk”


Collective Arts, Yu Eunchan “Tomorrow”


Cha Eunjoo “Around The Love”


Yun Seok Cheol Trio “D♭ in April”


DyoN Joo “Why Am I Not Dead Yet”


VIXX “Scentist”


Luna w/ Yang Da Il “Night Reminiscin'”


Hwang Chi Yeul “The Only Star”


ABTB “Zeitgeist”


RAMDA “Blue Bird”


Sun Woo Jung A, The Barberettes “Outside The Chart”


Shin Seol Hee “Are You Crying?”


EXO-CBX “Horololo”


015B & NAYUL “Bittersweet Days”


Sonia Choy “Misty”


Sonia Choy “눈물 담아..”


Sonia Choy “추억빛”


The EastLight “Are You Okay”


GoGang “져가는 태양과 적막 사이에”


Kim BumSoo “I Love You”


HALO “Map”


GreatGuys “GANDA”


TWEETY “Bad Boy”


MeloMance “Just Friends”


Jay Park, Gray “EL TORNADO”


zai.ro “When are you coming”


쑤 “오늘 하루”


BrotherSu Feat. Gaeko “What’s Wrong With U”


BerryGood Heart Heart “Crazy, gone crazy”


Sugarbowl “Leaned”


Monday Kiz “Every Moment”


My Darling “Dramatic”


2soo “Emotions”


Amber Feat. Gen Neo “Rouge Rouge: RIGHT NOW”