K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 05/12/18

Crazy that I feel relieved when a week only has around 30 new music videos, but hey it’s been a very good year for K-Pop so far. Dreamcatcher comes back with my favorite song of theirs yet. We also have the latest “trailer” for BTS, as well as the comebacks of MARMELLO, LambC, NCT 127, TEEN TOP and more. Some of the lesser known artists I recommend are Peppertones, Gift, Neo, and Sujin. As always there is plenty to love no matter the genre you are looking for. So sit back and enjoy the latest and greatest in K-Pop from the past week!

Full Playlist


Dreamcatcher “YOU AND I”


BTS “Singularity”


MARMELLO “Moonlight”


LambC Feat. Se.A “Turnin'”


Jyungyoon and Hyunseo “아빠”




Leebada “Crush on you”


CROSS GENE “touch it”


BEN “Love, ing”


TEEN TOP “Seoul Night”


NCT 127 “Chain”


UV Feat. Car, The Garden “Mother-in-law”


SPECTRUM “Light It Up”


Peppertones “long journey’s end”


Yong Jun Hyung “Go Away”


VINXEN “Sinking Down With U”


VINXEN “How Do You Feel”


K.will “My Star”


Vido Seoung Woo “Only You”


Peter Han “봄 스윙”


Favorite “Where are you from?”


The Black Underground “Merry! Merry! Merry!”


Sujin “Spring”


Gift “It’s Over”


Seo Eun Kwang, ChangSub “My Day”


Kim Yeon-Woo “My apology letter”




Asol Feat. Taeha of MOMOLAND “Nothing”


Owen Ovadoz “hunnit$”


Neo “Hope”


Grizzly Feat. Stella Jang “Firework”


Standing Egg “S.C.H (small but certain happiness)”


WOODZ “Pool”


CHEEZE “Hard For Me”