K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 03/24/18

We have a super interesting debut this week with Honey Popcorn, as it is a trio of JAV stars from Japan. My expectations were pretty low, and they managed to really surprise me with a fun and catchy tune. Their pasts shouldn’t dictate whether they are good or not, so give them a listen and see for yourself! Another big surprise this week was the three music videos from Robbin and Gasinaedeul. Such beautiful voices, so you definitely need to check those songs out. Also, while I’m not a huge fan of Los, the verses from Jay Park, Jessi and G2 are well worth the listen! Enjoy this 30+ video week!

Full Playlist


Honey Popcorn “Bibidi Babidi Boo”


TJ Son “Close Your Eyes”


Lee Kang Feat. Yang Da Il “In Vain”


Woogie Feat. Car, The Garden “Rolling Stones”


Woogie Feat. Loco, 황소윤 “Girl”


Jung IlHoon Feat. JinHo “Always”


DJ HARU Feat. Herishaa “Boom Bba”


Robbin, Gasinaedeul “Haha Hoho”


Robbin, Gasinaedeul “Bo Mi”


Robbin, Gasinaedeul “In A Whisper”


Man3E “앞으로 뒷태”


Somebody’s Tale w/ Sung Soo “Winter”




Los Feat. Jay Park, Jessi, G2 “Gyopo Rap”


Analogsonyeon w/ Kim Sung Joon “Female Diver”


lalasweet “Kismet”


The Audio “Colorful”


FilmIsland Feat. OFA “It’s Love”


Yoony Eun “Winter To Spring”


yeesang Feat. Loco “Here”


Yoo Jun Sung “Spring Again”


Cha Eun Joo “So What”


Zozzart Feat. Kim MinJeong “Can’t Breath”


PENOMECO Feat. Car, The Garden “Good Morning”


HANHAE Feat. Gaeko “In My Dream”




Super Junior “Super Duper”


BEN “Love Recipe”


BLACK SYNDROME Feat. Park Geunhong, Manju “Bible Black”


IlloYlo “Phone Ring”


DongSu & BoRam Lee “Oh Yeah”