K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 03/31/18

What a week! Latest LOONA member was announced, and Olivia Hye’s voice reminds me a lot of BoA and that’s a good thing! Also the new San E and Mad Clown track is pure fun, and we can’t forget the new Kisum, Stray Kids, and TVXQ. As for the lesser knowns to check out, some of the highlights this week are Band Baraen, Echae Kang, and BEON to name a few. With 41 songs this week, we are closing out March with a packed house of new music!

Full Playlist


Olivia Hye Feat. JinSoul “Egoist”


San E, Mad CLown Feat. Bumkey “Butterfly”


Kisum Feat. Heize “It’s Okay”


Kwak Jeong Im “Tomorrow”


Stray Kids “District 9”


Stray Kids “Grow Up”


HANHAE Feat. Reddy, NO:EL “Organic Life”


MONSTA X “Jealousy”


Leciel “Sweetune”


5tion “Love Takes Time”


Gyeong Ree & Choi Nakta “BomBom”


Band Baraen “GRAVE”


Echae Kang “Hello”


LEESUN Feat. Ray.D, Gracy “Where Are You”


Ji Sun Yup “Blue Bird”


LEWYN “Some Kind of Love”


GoGang “Midnight Blue”




Hash Swan “Gotta Sleep”


YonYon, Taichi Mukai “Period”


Class Mate “Miracle”


Sionz “Red Pill”


Naul “Feel Like”


HOYA “All Eyes On Me”


TVXQ “The Chance of Love”




Samuel Feat. Jung IlHoon “ONE”


BEON “When I Say”


MAMAMOO “Everyday”


Zagmachi “You And I”


STi Feat. Kidd King “Do Not Keep Disturbing”


Jung Joon Young Feat. Microdot “fiancee”


Hippy Was Gipsy w/ Hwaji “Record”


KwonMilk Feat. Lee Han Si “Tree”




GIRIBOY Feat. Kid Milli “northbutsouth”


Kim Bo Hyung “Because Of You”


V.E.I.L “25”


Yoon Jong Shin “Goodbye Talk”


Flowsik Feat. Jessi “All I Need”


Hwasa “덤덤해지네”