K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 03/17/18

Hoo boy has March been kind of amazing in K-Pop. 44 songs this week is crazy, and there is so much good music. With 2 more weeks to go, how am I going to create a Top 20 when I am already struggling to whittle it down as it is? Well, maybe I’ll make a Top 50 for this month. I have no idea, but I do have an idea that you should check out the amazing music below. More Heize, Cheetah, and new HEYNE, Maniac, Street Guns and more!

Full Playlist


Heize “Sorry”


HEYNE “Insomnia”


NCT 127 “Touch”


Bae In Hyuk “좋아요 꾹”


Baek Ji Woong “Cheek”


APRIL “The Blue Bird”


oceanfromtheblue “Super Mario”


Wine Loop “Lake”


MBA “2018”


MBA “Want”


GOT7 “Look”


zitten “Life Is Good”


BenAddict “니 생각만”


Maniac Feat. Jessi, Jay Park “MoneyMakerz”


Jung In, Yezi “Love Me”


Aurorasting “Green”


8crayz, Laibac “Figs”


Junoflo Feat. Jay Park “Grapevine”


Choi Ye Guen “To Say Sorry”


Golden Child “LADY”


Lavender Coffee “Can You See The Love?”


소년민 “Come”


HOYA “Angel”


Skull Feat. Superbee, Jo Hee Chul “I’m Cool”


Skull Feat. Mad Clown, Huh Gak “Your Record”


CHEETAH Feat. MINOS “Bumpkins”


Street Guns “우리동네 이자카야”


YOUNHA “No Answer”


Singil Station Romance “Train Trip”




오빠딸 “살랑살랑”


Part Time Cooks Feat. ODEE “Light iT”


Pretty Brown “Lonesome Day”


UP10TION “Candyland”


Piano Man “Wedding Dress”


Ja Mezz Feat. Dok2, MINO “alchemy”




DOLLY “Our Time Together”


BADROOM “Reflection”


HiNi “Body Ache”


YESEO “Privacy”


MoonMoon “Eden”


KINIE.K “Stalking”


BLSG “#DesexualizationGram”