K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 03/09/19

This might just have been the best week of 2019 yet. We have comebacks of Sunmi, Hong Jin Young, DALSooobin (Subin), Han Yo Han, KEY, and so many more. A lot of music videos are already on my Monthly playlist, and a handful of them are locked in for the month, and maybe the year. Lesser known artists to check out are SOMA, D.A.N, Midnight, YUKIKA, and youra.

Full Playlist


SUNMI “Noir”


Hong Jin Young “Love Tonight”


DALSooobin “Katchup”


SOMA “Betty”


Reddy, YunB, Sway D “No Days Off”


Osshun Gum “Walk In The Rain”


Jus2 “Focus On Me”


KEY Feat. SoYeon “I Wanna Be”


KayLa “Gifted”




Lena Park, Yuna Kim, Jaeil Jung “A Prayer”


Jang Dong Woo “News”


Jang Dong Woo “Party Girl”


JISOOK “Big Dipper”


Joe Aram “One’s Share”


TXT “Crown”


Shim Hyun Bo “Gather you up”


Minsu “Minsu is confused”


eSNa “Spoon”


RAVI “Tuxedo”


youra “Dance”


Kim Damso Feat. seokman Cheon “Not Being Hated”


HAEUN, YOSEP “Girlfriend”


LoyeL Feat. 쟌 “직업병”


GGAMANG STERO “Gently nested”


Deepflow “36 Dangers”


S.I.S “Always Be Your Girl”




NUZ “Grassland”


Kim MinSeok “Spring Comes”


ROCOBERRY, DOYOUNG “Don’t Say Goodbye”


MNYL “All Eyes On Me”


R.Tee x Anda “What You Waiting For”


PASCOL “Romance rumor”


Y?UH “Anywhere”


CCOLA “Wonder”


Hallasian “허우적


10cm w/ Galaxy Fan “Storage”


10cm “However”


CITY ALONE Feat. YESEO “Crime Night”


Mokyo “Daddy”


Kim Yeon Ji “10 Years Without You”


PICTIONS “Melt In ocean”


D.A.N “Suicide Squad -1”


Ahn Seunghoon “Thought of You”


Midnight Feat. 황인선, 공명정대 “Girl Group’s Flooded”


Han Yo Han Feat. GIRIBOY “Dance”


N.P SOUND “Luv Song”